Where We're Coming From

by Americana

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released August 23, 2012

Recorded at The Nook Recording Studio - New Lenox, IL.
copyright 2012 Americana



all rights reserved


Americana Chicago, Illinois

We are Americana a Rock N Roll/Punk band from Illinois.

For booking: americanaband@yahoo.com
or facebook.com/americanaband

Video: youtube.com/americanabandil
Photo: instagram.com/americanaband
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Track Name: Hometown Haunts
So basically, you wana hear how i feel. You may be a thief but baby i'm not a steal. I've been holding my own since 1990. Since then holding it down wondering why me.

I can't break, break and agree, when I've still got this fight left in me.
I'm standing here on these rooftops, no fear.
Make no mistake this is our town we're taking back this place.

Another day, everything feels out of reach. My mind's out of whack and i can barely think. But one thing is for certain there's always a way. They'll be there to witness when i see the day.
Living in the past isn't what you want. Nothing stays the same, not even these HOMETOWN HAUNTS.

If I come back to find none of you have left, I'll come back with my friends. You and this city will get wrecked.
Track Name: Every Night
I tell myself to calm myself. They don't understand they've never been where I've been. I made it here myself, enough's enough. You can lie to yourself but not to me. Where I come from we never sleep.

We'll do what it takes to spread the noise.
Tell the boys it's time to get up and get out, plug in play loud.
Not just tonight, but every night.
This is our night.

We make the static flow, using our anger and hope.
With every note we write, our passion grows.
Its hard to rest when there's so much to live for
When there's so much to fight for.
Where I come from we never sleep.

Under the stage lights, we go on in five.
So kill the fucking lights, cause we rule the night.
Track Name: Giants
I walk in, the room get's loud silence is sin.
Take a ride with me. You think you're bad, I think you're all kinds of pretty.
Oh you say you like rock n roll. You better catch your breath.
Cause you ain't seen nothing like this.

Someone needs to be there to make the giants fall.
I'm here, I'm prepared and im reckless like a cannon ball.

I'm so sorry i have to leave so soon, but i've got a little bit of
dirty work to attend to. Everyone says they're reckless.
Here's your damn moral;
Anyone can destroy, but be aware of the recoil.

Those who've been left out, those who've been sold out.
We will be there to make the giants fall.

Take 'em down.
Track Name: Louisville Slugger
I'm heavy on the trigger light on the pull. What I lack in confidence I make up in soul. I know you can't confide in me. You feel I'm not the one to tell you how i feel but my worry weighs a ton.

Why can't i be, who i wana be, in front of you.
You do you and i'll do me.

In this world all i ever see is the fake,
when there's a real heart inside of me.
All of us have passion that we bleed
it's as real as it get's and your hearts are what we strive to reach.

I wana tear you down limb from limb, but i can't be caught dead in this mood that i'm in. Just look at us this is getting old. This is our future let's see what it holds.

We're reaching in closer to memories that all blur inside my mind. Instead I'll try to claim all that is mine from a world that is bone dry.
But we'll outshine this is our time to be living.

Liars and cheats go hand in hand. Lie through your teeth, hay-maker from me to where you stand.
Track Name: Keep Your Fire
Keep your flame, Keep your fire

Sometimes I feel like I've missed out on so much.
All the sacrifices there's alot keeping me up at night.
It's always here with me in the airwaves and with us on stage.
Your feedback through our feedback
Is what keeps us going what keeps us brave.
Don't understand
Just listen.
Track Name: Where We're Coming From
This is where we're coming from.
Now, hear me out, these past years have been the hardest yet.
But when i see you sing these songs it will all be worth it.

Are you with us?
'cause i know these boys are with me 'til the end.
And we'll sing until our bodies are spent.

We're coming after you right now.
We're coming, we're coming out for blood,
and i hope these jams help you out somehow.
We're coming after you right now.
We're coming, we're coming out for blood.
'cause these jams are helpin me out right now.

This is where we're coming from. Take it or leave me some,
'cause i'm out and i've gotta get out of here right now.

You think you got what it takes?
Clench your teeth, show 'em your battle face.
You think you got what it takes?
It's about to get ugly.